Corrections to “Labor deserves some credit, not death at the ballot box”

Two unsubstantiated comments from Gittins today:

  1. That resources entrepreneurs discover, mine and refine are “our resources.” What theory of property rights is this comment based on? If government owns it, how did it acquire that right? Answer please.
  2. That, “in all the hypocritical talk of waste, a far more important form of waste has been forgotten: the waste of material production and the waste of human well-being had the rise in unemployment not been stopped at 675,000 souls and been allowed to reach the 1 million originally feared.” In other words, Gittins is saying that spending money is good when you don’t have much, that giving someone a handout will make them independent, that handouts turn unsustainable businesses into sustainable and productive ones, that unprofitable businesses should be propped up indefinitely and not be allowed to collapse, that anything that would merely delay a recession actually prevents it from occurring altogether, and that there are no question marks over how government unjustly acquired what it hands out, and that there are no question marks over how government and central banks doing similar policies caused the bubble in the first place.
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