Ross Gittins Hypocritically Complains Real Debate Avoided

Three recent Gittins essays (“Blowing the whistle on unfair costings game,”SMH, August 16; “Both sides fall victim to federal budget humbuggery,” SMH, August 20; “The deficit we really should worry about,” SMH, August 21) have him hypocritically complaining that the election has avoided debate on crucial economic issues.

This criticism is a bit rich coming from Gittins. In his recent book, The Happy Economist, he avoided any discussion on the division of labour, on whether utility can be measured, on what property rights are. He has repeatedly ignored the Austrian school and its success in predicting and explaining the business cycle. In his advocacy of the mining tax, he has failed to explain why he claims that everything a mining entrepreneur discovers actually belongs to the entire Australian population, and failed to deal with the Austrian observation that neutral taxation is a myth.

Every issue Gittins talks about, he ignores the central issue. It is obviously not out of cowardice, since he has the gall to complain when the political parties do the exact same thing. What bravery. A lesser being might have led by example or cultivated his own garden before looking elsewhere. But Gittins is too big a man for that.

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  1. Donald McKenzie says:

    Thanks for this website. It is wonderful to see at least some balance and correction to the Economic blatherings of Mr Gittins, the Fairfax Economics commentator.
    I cannot believe how some of his rants on Economic policy go unchallenged, but perhaps the real economists now leave him alone.
    But I remain concerned that someone of so much influence in the media can be allowed to produce so much misinformation on Economics for public consumption.
    As a Country, we seem to be sliding politically to Socialism, helped by an uncritical media, which seems to lack an ability to analyse and disseminate simply, the Economic outcomes of current policies implemented by the political class.

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